Of Witchery and Holidays

I think the fall/winter post harvest celabrations are where this witch thrives. Im a house-witch for sure. I like hosting gatherings, having an inviting and welcoming home, and feeding people. Thanksgiving is a day I have surrendered to the in-laws in years past, because I dont have much of my own family. This year, some friends were mid-move during the holiday and looking for a place to eat and celebrate. I offered my home, and blew off any plans my in-laws were making. I’m so glad that I did.

My witchery isnt in herbal decoctions or poultices or crystals, stones, or shambles. Mine is in the potions of food-as-medicine. The healing powers of nurturing love, warmth, coziness. I am the Mother in the three who are one. (Well, right now, I am the mother. Things are ever shifting. ) Im of the mind that most things can be fixed with a hot meal and a lie down, and maybe breast milk in a pinch, if its truly serious. Broken bones I leave to people in white coats, but give to me the tummy ache, the boo-boos, the sads. I can cover that.

I made so many things. Cheese fondue, chocolate fondue, soup, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, a 14 pound turkey, green bean casserole. All with 2 children under the age of 4 under foot, and my kitchen was not a disaster after dinner. Im amazed!! I couldn’t have pulled it off without husband guy. He was outstanding and helpful. But I dont think I could have done as good a job when I was single and had no children. When we have never been filled to the brim with obligations, responsibilities, and tasks, we think having to do 2 or 3 things is a lot of work. When you have kids, suddenly having to do 6 things in one day doesn’t seem like that much. Maybe even an “easy” day. By the time dessert was ready, and the kids were bathed and in their pajamas, the kitchen was clean and the food put away. That doesn’t even happen on a regular night. The very next morning I had friends over for brunch, and made smothered potatoes, scones, omelettes and fruit salad while keeping my kids happy.

Being a mother and house witch is not what I thought I would be when I grew up but damn, if it doesn’t suit me well.

What did you do with your holiday?


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