So, I live near an oil refinery, a large body of water, and a fault line. It’s never really been an issue, but really, that’s just luck. Anything from flash floods, toxic fumes or a massive earthquake could mean my family would have to survive with only what we have on hand. Before I had kids, I kind of shrugged my shoulders. Maybe its watching The Walking Dead and thinking about my kids being hungry and cold (in the 21st century, in an industrialized nation), makes me feel super anxious. So when I get anxious, I plan.

Anxiety is weird. It serves some purpose, sometimes. It gets your ass out of complacency and apathy. It forces you to think about horrible things. Most of those things wont ever happen. But look on the news any day of the week and somewhere in the world, the U.S. there is footage of people digging through what used to be their home, looking for a pair of shoes, a coat, a bottle of water…anything. Stuff can go wrong.

It is impossible to tell when or where or what it will be. So I bought 3 72-hour backpacks. One for husband’s car, 2 for mine, in the even we are away from home and need to live in our car or on the side of the road for a few days. These kits have 3 day supplies of food, and water for 2 people, plus sleeping bags, whistles, ponchos, basic first aid.  So those are with us wherever we go.

At home, it’s a different story. If we have to shelter in place, we wont freeze even in the worst weather we could possibly get so even if we go without heat or electricity we would be ok. We have a camp stove and gas on hand, we can cook. If we have no water, we have several large containers and filtration bottles as well. If there is some reason my home becomes uninhabitable, we have a yurt, tarps, tools, zip ties, saws, bungees. We can do shelter.

But what if something really awful happens and there is no relief for a few days? No water, heat, no power? What if I have to evacuate my whole family in a moment’s time? Well, I don’t think you can ever really truly be totally ready for that, but I’m as ready as I can be. I built my shelter in place home kit to be able to throw it in the back of my car in a moments notice. I store it right by the car in easy to grab containers. If we have to bail, we can. If we have to weather it out here at home, we can.

So whats in the stash? Well, I have three categories and 4 containers.
Categories are:

And my containers are:





Now, I also have sleeping bags I could grab, and my camp “kitchen” box, but I bought canned food I don’t need to cook. It tastes better warm, but it doesn’t have to be. I also plan to keep handy some easy to grab Ziplocs with a change of clothes for each family member.

So here is my master list Emergency kit list – Sheet1

Here are my items. I chose foods that will last in storage, contained protein, could be eaten cold, and provided basic vitamins. I have 2 little girls, so 2000 calorie survival bars and MRE’s would be hard to get them to eat. I don’t usually eat canned food at all but when disaster strikes, I will eat some spaghetti-o’s. I included things like white vinegar, baking soda, and coconut oil for all the multi purpose things those three come in handy for. I wont be baking cookies or fixing gourmet meals, but if I need to clean something without hot water and soap, or treat an injury, coconut, vinegar, and baking soda might save my butt.




photo 1

First Aid and Hygiene: Tp/paper towels, tampons, pads ( great for first aid) Cold and Hot compress packs, Isopropyl, hydrogen peroxide, bandages, wipes, gauze, Baby wipes. Lotion, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes. Pain meds, pedialyte, pepto. Nitrile gloves.

photo 2

Tools! Lamp, flashlight, radio, batteries. Trash bags, zip ties, bungee cords, duct tape. Dust masks. Not pictured: tarps, work gloves, multi tool, etc.

photo 3

This is a toilet. Trash can liners and kitty litter in a bucket. Wont be comfy, but it will work.

photo 1

4 gallons+ 4 6 packs of 16 oz. bottles, 2 Brita filter bottles and 4 sport top pouch bottles.

photo 3

The food for 4 people for 4 days plus can opener and eating utensils fits in this tub. Should prevent mild water damage in case of flooding, and can be easily thrown in the car if we need to run.

photo 1

Food for 4 people, for 3 days. 12 cans of fruit. 12 cans of soup/pasta. 3 qts. shelf stable hemp milk. Instant coffee. Peanut butter, single serve packets of condiments and honey. Salt, baking soda, vinegar. Shelf stable pudding, raisins. Cream of wheat, 1 pouch per person per day. Coconut oil, shelf stable protein shakes, nuts, 1 doz. Larabar protein bars. Crystal lite powder to add to water. It’s not fancy but it will keep us alive and free of scurvy.


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