Prepared away from home

So, having a home emergency kit is all fine and dandy, but what if the emergency happens when you and your family are out on the road? Maybe a road trip, car trouble, bad directions, cell service dead zone and suddenly you’re lost, and stuck in the elements. Or maybe you were just on your way to the store and there is a natural disaster of great magnitude and you’re stuck, and need to live on whats in your car until help comes. In 2006 a family like mine, the Kims, with two little girls, had just such a disaster. In a snow storm, on a road trip, they got lost for several days. They lost their dad, and suffered a great deal. Here is their story. So this local store The Earthquake Supply Center had a living social deal and I got three of these packs. 2 for my car, where my kids always travel with me, and one for husband’s car, in case he is away at work when something goes wrong. Here is an inventory of the packs: photo (20) I also bought a solar/handcrank emergency radio that also charges USB devi ces ( like my iPhone) and some iodine tablets, which I will add to the kit. These will also be accessible to me if we have to shelter in place at home.  I will also be adding to the packs, which are packed extremely well and have some extra space for personal additional items as well.  On my list of things to add are;  warm base layers and wool socks for each family member ( packed in ziplocks, to prevent water damage), carabiner water bladders for each of us, and some pepper spray. I always have things like sunblock, sun hats or warm hats in my car, and I always have a soft lovey toy in the car for each kid too. If I could find a very small emergency tent for 4, I would like to have one of those too. In 5 years I will need to replace the ration bars and water, and each year I will need to update the extra warm clothing as my kids grow. ONE IMPORTANT NOTE: The kit comes with a tool that will cut seatbelts and shatter a car window. This does you 0 good if its still in the blister package in the trunk when you need it. I opened mine and put it in my door pocket ASAP. photo (19)


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