Starting Anew

My oldest child has been a student at a local Waldorf Preschool for the last three years, but this year the financial aid just wasnt enough. So I looked into other schools, even considered commuting 45 min each way to take her to a charter school in the next county over. I live in an area of extremely sub par public schools and the one closest to us has been leveled, and they bus the kids over to another highschool to spend the day in a portable. I just didn’t think it was worth it.

So I began to seriously consider homeschooling. I asked the local Waldorf schools if they had a curriculum for use or purchase and not one of them did. So I asked a small private Waldorf if they would want to work with me and help build a network for other homeschool families to both boost the involvement in their school community while also giving homeschool families a group of qualified educators to collaborate with.  And they said yes.

So I researched, did surveys of local parents, put together a presentation ( which I will give on Aug 25th!) for the school administration, found online curriculum to supplement my plans, and found a dozen families to come with me on the journey.

I spent this week planning out the first week of school down to the hour. Daily “field trips”, topics, themes, even the snacks and meals. Waldorf is highly immersed in the ideas of life rhythms. The weeks, the days, the years, they follow a rhythm. Its how we keep the flow going.

The internet has been a wealth of help finding everything from printables to craft ideas and book lists. I’m very sure we can handle this. Memberships to local children’s museums and plenty of opportunities to be outside are vital and we will rely on them.

You’ll be seeing lots more in the way of homeschooling here too.


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