Week 2 of Homeschooling

photo 3

Week two chalkboard for “F”

Well, week two was very different from week one. The novelty and enthusiasm from week one did not hold over. We were back to butting heads and being surly with each other. It was not our finest moment. But there were a few gems, and we didn’t totally implode.

Part of the whole Waldorf thing is that each day has a color and a grain. And while I don’t adhere to it strictly, I try to incorporate things. Monday’s grain is rice, and for the last three years it’s not a monday unless there is lentils and rice for lunch. Red lentils simmered in coconut milk and served with parsley, nutritional yeast, and liquid amino’s, and sometimes avocado. It’s a simple dish that just makes you feel like you are loved when it fills your belly with the warm and satisfying deliciousness. My kids love it, so we have it every monday.

Lentils and rice

Lentils and rice

The letter of the week was F so we drew Flowers, like Fuchsia, and talked about Fall, Fairies, Fairytales, Farms, Farm animals, and Farmers.

We took a trip to Fairyland, a local “vintage” amusement park. Its older than Disneyland. Its got rides and attractions based on fairy tales, which is totally appropriate for a Waldorf Kindy so we go often. It helps my daughter put together the pieces of the puzzle, seeing the characters from the books we read together. We were there for a special event and we got to pet some cute animals and get some henna and face paint.

Petting the sheep

Petting the sheep

Wednesday we went for a park playdate with some other homeschoolers, and a short hike to collect acorn tops for future crafting. It was a much smaller group and there were 2 other five-year old children, so that was nice. But my children were really crazy pants all day. We went to the library afterwards, and walked around Point Richmond.  I couldn’t get them to cooperate at all. So when we came home I told them a story about Tricksy Raccoon, who is very clever.

Wednesday at the Library

Wednesday at the Library

She is so clever, in fact, that she gets into trouble, trying to be tricksy with her parents and her friends. It’s a tale I made up,  meant to help my children self correct undesirable behavior by seeing the fault in it in others ( fictional others) and applying the connection to themself. Some times it works and sometimes it doesn’t. It takes a few tries. But it is a good tool. Lecturing 5 year olds is a fruitless task, but stories can illustrate your point without them feeling bad about themselves.

The rest of the week was touch and go. We had a great time on Thursday hosting our cousin as we do, weekly. We made soup and even the two-year old children got to wear aprons and help and use tools.




picking a chicken carcas

picking a chicken carcass

Friday we meant to go to the science museum, but both my body and my children rejected that idea in favor of laying low and relaxing, so we went to the grocery store instead and I let them pick all the produce we bought, and that brought around the topic of harvest and farming and fall. So we did keep it relevent, even when the planning went belly-up.


I rested, allowed them some unscheduled downtime, and made some hearty, nourishing meals to get us all back on track, and began this week renewed.


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