Homeschool Week 3

Down on the farm

Down on the farm

The third week of our little homeschool we studied the letter M. We read about Mallow Fairy, Michelmas Daisies, and Marigold. We continued to learn the Little Boy Blue rhyme. We also told more stories with the farm set.  It was a week of highs and lows, but always, always learning.

M is for Milk, Mama, and Moo-cow

M is for Milk, Mama, and Moo-cow


We made a video of things we found around the house with the letter M-sound. We sent it to a friend and he made one for us too. We showed him masks, monsters, maracas, and stuff like that. I have to say, that was a good idea. Lyra wants to get the right answer so badly that she often just blurts whatever pops into her mind and hopes she gets lucky. I was not like that as a child, so that is a different experience for me.

photo 3

Gravity workshop was enriching


We also attended a science workshop on gravity. The girls learned that both the density of the falling object and the density of the surface affect the impact of gravity. The dropped corks, feathers, rocks, balls and marbles into flour, water, and sand trays to see what kinds of “craters” they could make. They built ramps of varying degrees and noticed how steepness made some things go faster. With paint, they watched how gravity could create interesting marks on paper by holding it up vertically and letting it run down. The measured how far they could jump on the moon and made a gravity well with a paper plate.

Berkeley Rose Garden

Berkeley Rose Garden

On Wednesday we met up with some other homeschoolers and visited Codornices park. They have a super fast slide, and a tunnel. We took the tunnel over to the Berkeley Rose Garden and got lots of exercise climbing up and down the amphitheater shaped garden. We saw many varieties of roses and we sniffed them. A picnic, followed by more play, and then it was time for riding lessons.

Lyra loves Taza

Lyra loves Taza



I really believe Lyra needs horse riding lessons. The patience, discipline, care, and self-reliance she learns while grooming, tacking, and riding are valuable. It is hard to come by activities for children that allow them to really work for what they want. She must brush and currie her horse, get her own saddle pad from the tack room and put it on. She rides and controls the horse through various tasks, and then she gets to trot. She is almost ready for loping. She has to stay focused to keep the horse on the arena route and to keep the horse at speed. It also shows me how capable and strong she is.

Thursday it rained! For the first time in ages. We made it into a rainy day party with cousin Edie. Soup, cookies, blankets and snuggling. Never mind that it was barely a sprinkle, we were determined.

Friday, we made it an errand day, then went to the park and fed the ducks. We needed a bit of a break from structure, so that we can return to it with more appreciation.

We are still working on big items like respect, following directions, and playing fair. That, more than numbers, letters, and writing, is the focus of kindergarten.



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