Homeschool Week 4

A review of M, B and F

A review of M, B and F

Week 4 might have been our best so far.  After 2 weeks of push-pull-push with behavior and power struggles, something gave and Lyra and I got along so well. Zephyr followed suit, as is her temperament to do so. We enjoyed our week thoroughly, even after canceling two play events to suit our own needs.

Monday was the day we really had a tough time. I was ready to give up and look into day cares and getting a full-time job. Lyra and I had a long talk, and we really went over what it means to show respect and to cooperate. I saw that she was really trying, and for the rest of the week, she did very well. She was helpful and honest and wonderful to be around.

We had a craft day on Tuesday. We rolled beeswax candles and dusted them with fine glitter. The girls never get to just use glitter so it was pretty exciting. We made little candle holders with salt dough, cinnamon mixed right in. The smell of beeswax and cinnamon is as Autumn as it gets, really.

Beeswax candle in a salt dough holder

Beeswax candle in a salt dough holder

Wednesday is our get out and hike around and look at nature day so we went to Kennedy Grove which smells wonderful and has wide open space to run around in. Sticks to dig in the dirt with, leaves to collect,  all those lovely things. It was just us and one more friend but we had a grand time anyhow.

When we got home, we kept the fun going by doing puppet shows for each other, and playing a board game from Germany, that involves farm animals and fences. It was the first time we all three played a game without total chaos, and Zephyr even won fair and square.


Thursday was a rare day of unscheduled fun. We had no obligations, so we made more apple butter with our hand-crank apple peely corey slicey thingy. Thats always a workout and they love doing it. We went to the library, mailed packages, and walked around the little village near our home. I like walking in public, not just trail walks, but town and city walks, with the kids. They need to learn to navigate more than rural areas. We practice using crosswalks and watching for cars and trains.

Zephy does a puppet show

Zephy does a puppet show

Lyra and Zephyr continued to earn all their badges for good behavior. We lavished the positive reinforcement. And then on Friday, they earned a trip to the Discovery Museum! They have recently closed for refurbishing and this was our first visit to check out what was new. The art room was the most dramatic change, with many new stations for experimenting with paints. There was a water table for dropping in colored paint and watching it mix and disperse. A sheet of paper on a vertical surface, with spray bottles of watered down paint, to do drip art. And a chalkboard with chalk and also vinegar to spray on the chalk, to see what happens. Between this room and the other art room with the sand glitter and paint chip mosaic, the girls happily and peacefully did art for 2 whole hours. We shared a lunch, played in the port of Oakland building for a bit, and traveled home.

Drip drop

Drip drop

We covered the alphabet letters we have learned so far, with a big chalkboard full of words. Lyra can now confidently identify, F, B, and M. She knows their sounds and the words they start. She also went from counting to 12 to mastering rote counting to 20 without errors. In just a few days! I feel like she likes math and I’m going to begin doing touchpoints with her.

We learned the Little Boy Blue rhyme in September, and October will bring a new rhyme to learn. Lyra and Zephyr have memorized LBB and some other Waldorf circle time songs as well. I’m quite proud when I hear them singing while they play.

photo 2 (4)

squeeze and swirl


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