Waldorf Homeschool Week 5

Lyra visits her old school

Lyra visits her old school

Week 5 might have been our toughest week yet. I don’t know why or what kept us from enjoying ourselves, but every day was time outs and arguing and being  angry with eachother.


Zephyrs Fairy

On Sunday we went to Lyra’s school to visit her teacher and class from last year. I really appreciated the chance to reconnect and to have the kids go to a place to play that was gentle and not so overstimulating as the places we usually visit. Lyra set up a story and played it out for us. She dressed everyone up, and we had tea and biscuits. Its was so grounding… But the feeling didn’t last.


Lyras fairy

Monday we had a snafu in the schedule. Maybe that’s what went wrong. I don’t know, but it was not a fun time. Tuesday we had a playdate and did some crafting. We made these lovely fairies with the pine cones we collected on Sunday.

Wednesday was our hike, when we meet other home schoolers. Our very shy and gentle friend came along, as did our three boisterous girls. We went to the lovely Blake Gardens, and were amazed at the beauty and hard work that the landscapers and horticulturists have put into the grounds.

there was this cool tunnel

there was this cool tunnel

We went up and down and in tunnels and up stairs over bridges. We saw all sorts of awesome stuff.

the lovely Redwood forest area

the lovely Redwood forest area


But Lyra couldn’t behave, and so instead of going to horse riding lessons afterwards, we went home.  I usually try very hard to get her to her horse lessons, but she just couldn’t get it together at all. I couldn’t reward that behavior.

Thursday we had our friend Edie over, and it was fun as usual, but still, every button pushed, every line crossed, every direction ignored. Lyra set a poor example for the little ones and it made me very sad that she wasnt showing them her best.
Friday is usually a day to go somewhere fun. I woke up determined to let the anger of the past few rotten days slide and try to go somewhere air-conditioned where they could go a little crazy since we had a big day of stuff to do ( a wedding) on Saturday. But, try as I might, I couldn’t convince the girls to cooperate so that they could go out. We stayed home and did not much of much. I cried. I called some local schools to see if I could place her in a kindergarten. I looked for a job online. I was ready to quit being a homeschool family. I am still not sure we can do it.

However, even though this did not take place during our home school week, I feel I need to mention how well Lyra redeemed herself on Saturday. We spent the whole day in fancy clothes at a hot and long wedding ceremony and reception. Given the circumstances, I was prepared for tantrums and meltdowns. But the girls stunned and delighted me with angelic behavior and total cooperation. I gave them new coloring packs with stickers and crayons and lollipops to keep them quiet and happy during the ceremony. And though they had to wait a long time for food, and to see their dad, they maintained. I was so happy…

So Sunday came again and we just had such an awesome family day. We went to this local parent and child clubhouse which we just joined up with, called PRAM.photo 1

Lyra scrubber her carrots well

Lyra scrubber her carrots well

They had a harvest party and we went and dug up the root veggies and picked beans and peppers and basil. Lyra found worms, snails and rolly polies,and I found a horn worm on the tomato plants. It all tied in so well with our curriculum. The girls were connecting the dots with the stuff we talked about without me having to spell it out for them.  We did bubbles and rode trikes and had snacks and it was so nice. We made a fire in the fire pit at home and had a relaxing dinner and bath time. I hope it sets the tone for another week. Maybe home school can be salvaged yet.




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