Waldorf Homeschool Week 6

So, I don’t know how much longer I will be homeschooling my kindergartner. The curriculum aspect is going well. She is learning math, letters and their sounds, all about the seasons, story telling, and is hardy with daily chores and out door play. But we are still missing something.  There is as huge gaping hole in the social aspect. Even though we go to a park or a museum or a hike or a library or park almost every single day, there are almost no kids her own age there for her to play with, and no one that can keep up with her imagination and energetic play. She is lonely. So Im working on it. thrift

photo 1

Hiking Tilden

This last week was actually really great. Lyra earned all her smileys for chores and responsibilities, and we even got to go to riding lessons, which, were unfortunately cancelled due to a family emergency. I felt bad since it has been weeks since Lyra got to ride, so we went out for a treat instead. We had a great hike at Tilden park with some other kids. Lyra was still one of the oldest, but at least it wasn’t all toddlers and one big kid. We learned the sound T makes. I bought some flashcards and used stickers to create touch points on them. Lyra  caught on to the concept really well. Once she masters rote counting her teens and twenties it will be a lot easier for her.  photo 2 photo 3

We had a day off. Thursday they went to Nai Nai and Yeye’s house. The girls had a grand time and I got a much needed break. Friday we went to Chabot ( the space and science center), and then out to lunch. On the way home things deteriorated. We were all tired. It was a low point of the week but not the worst thing ever.

I had such a busy week that I forgot to take many pictures. I even forgot to take a picture of the blackboard with all our T words on it.  But I did get some of the fantastic face paint the girls chose!


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