Our last week of Kindergarten at home

photo 3 (4)

So, we got the big news this Thursday that my begging and pleading and bargaining for Lyra to be able to attend Waldorf school was finally heard. We have been given enough tuition assistance that if I work my butt off and scrimp my pennies, I can afford to send her. Its bittersweet. I really loved homeschooling, we had a good rhythm going, the girls loved it. I felt at times like I had finally hit my stride as a mother and was proud of how well I was pulling it off. Other times I thought I must be insane to have done this. Ultimately, it came down to socialization. I could teach Lyra science, math, letters, art, etc. But she needed the company of her peers daily, not just a few hours a week with one or two acquaintances. If we did not get the opportunity to go back to school we would have been fine, and continued to homeschool until next year, but I am glad she will get time with friends and time away from me so that we can miss each other, just enough.

However, the homeschool journey is not over. I’m planning to home preschool my almost 3-year old, and I all ready have the companions and playmates built-in. We will continue to hike, craft, read, sing, and do science. Its going to be awesome and adorable.

But anyhow, lets look at the fun pictures.

Last monday we went to PRAM house and did music class, and that was great. It’s a young crowd, so we will keep going with Z, and make it part of our Monday. Maybe incorporate outdoor play and a walk through town into it.

Tuesday we made these adorable gingerbread houses with Halloween decorations. I had to spray them with vinegar to keep the kids out of them. It’s still on the table!gingerhouse

Wednesday we went on an photo 1 (6)amazing hike at a place 5 minutes from my house, Alvarado park. It’s a really great place to hike, with tunnels, bridges, a creek bed, rocks, rock walls, LARP sword fights, buckeyes and acorns, friendly dogs, and trees you can actually climb. The girls hiked and played for 3 hours. I was pooped.

Thursday we had our little friend over. We did sun prints in the back yard, using flowers and leaves and toys and even hands to see how the sun makes marks on the paper.photo 3 (3)


Friday we went to a historic farm and visited sheep, pigs, a huge horse, peacocks, and goats. The girls got to milk a fake cow and use a water pump.photo 1 (7) Then we headed over to the pumpkin patch to climb epic hay bale towers and go through hay mazes and pick up some pumpkins for everyone. For a last week, I couldn’t have asked for more. photo 2 (5)





We had a tremendous weekend with daddy and spent today packing up and prepping for Lyra’s first day as a kindy.

photo 2 (6)



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