Irons in Fires, Ducks in Rows.

IMG_6476Well, Six months and change have whizzed by since the last blog post. Some days were busy, others not. Many things happened. I rescued kittens and bottle fed them around the clock before delivering them into loving arms of adoptive parents. I hosted many delightful events at my home. I continued to do lots of work. My family was mostly healthy throughout winter and spring. I received a generous grant of tuition assistance for the next school year so that both children may attend. we bought a barbecue grill, and my youngest began taking gymnastics, which she excels at.

You know, normal life stuff. Ups. Downs. Small changes. Routine. Rhythm. Life.

I got a summer job taking care of an older child in the morning, then dropping her and my daughter off at day camp. I’m no longer a slave to the early morning commute to school, rush home, complete few things, and rush back to pick up child, and then spend an hour trying to get her in the car and take her home. I am getting things done and then having something amazing: down time. I havent had down time in what seems like eons.  I get my chores done and then I have time to kill. I read some books. I reorganized some drawers. I made phone calls! I even took naps.

And all though it has not been a month since the school year ended, I am getting my ducks in a row for the fall. I have been, as I said, given a generous financial aid award, but it is still almost as much as our mortgage each month to send both girls to school. Husband is all ready working at capacity. So for the first time in 6 years, I will need to find a Real Job.  So I began to put feelers out and develop plans and backup plans. School begins at 830 am, and ends for the little one at 1230pm. The older one gets out at 230pm. So, with one day a week of the little one going to grandma’s after school, that gives me about…. a dozen or so hours a week to earn enough money to pay for school. I need a job I can call off if a kid is sick or injured, I need a job that works with the 2 weeks in December and two weeks in April, plus one in February, when I can’t work at all, because of school breaks. I can’t work nights, I can’t really work weekends, not every one.

So what is an industrious lady to do? It is simple. I will be scrubbing other peoples toilets. Yes. 24 Early childhood units, cpr training, fingerprints, background checks, etc. and 14 years of experience in childcare, Im looking into starting my own little house keeping gig. I did it for years in college, my clients loved me then. I don’t mind the work, its like that song, Plateau. Nothin’ on the top but a bucket and a mop and an illustrated book about birds…. I like to clean, improve, polish, make things nice…. and then… I leave. With no attachment to how long things stay clean or what happens after I leave.

I will still be writing, and still doing childcare when needed. I will possibly be registering as an available substitute assistant teacher at a few local independent schools. I will pick up extra work as I can. I would also like to find child free time to write more, ( for pleasure!) and read more ( fiction!) and excrcise more ( outdoors! without kids!).

So, I cast my net far and wide, keep all the plates in the air, and keep many irons in the fire at once.  I dont know  that it will all work out, but it has to. So it will.


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